When is a backup not a backup?


A lot of people think that backing up their system is a matter of putting their favourite photos on a USB memory stick.  That’s if they backup their files at all! Alternatively, they might consider a backup as moving or archiving files onto an external hard drive.

Hard drives are the most common components to fail and they usually fail without warning.
If you only have one copy of your data on one source, you don’t have a backup!

Do you have favourite photos or documents that only reside on your computer OR an external hard drive? Would you be upset if you lost them? If the answer is yes, then you need to back them up NOW! External hard drives fail too.

Perhaps you already backup your important files but if your hard drive fails, do you have all the program disks and system drivers handy to reinstall on the replacement hard drive? Even if you do, have you got a few hours spare to reload all of these programs?

Having an adequate backup regime in place is just as critical for home computers as it is for business.

Experts@IT are able to put in place a backup system which will ensure your data is safe. We also have systems which keep an up to date image of your whole hard drive so if it fails, replacement is simply a matter of swapping in a new drive and restoring the backup image. Best of all, it doesn’t cost the earth.

A proper backup system is an insurance policy for your data. Don’t be caught unprotected!