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A little while ago, I took my family to one of the local cafe/bistros for dinner.   The food was great when we got it…. the service not so great.  Here’s why:

– On arrival we were shown to our table and asked if we wanted to order drinks.   We did.

– The waitress disappeared and returned a few minutes later with our drinks.

– We were then asked to order entree and mains.  My wife and daughter ordered pasta, my son and I ordered pizza.

– Then we waited.   After a while the pasta dishes were brought out for my wife and daughter.   There was no sign of the pizzas.

– I finished my drink and would have loved another but the waitresses were too busy serving other tables and running back to the kitchen.

– Still no pizzas…. By this time my wife (who is a slow eater at the best of times) and daughter had both finished their meals.  I finally managed to catch the eye of one of the waitresses and asked about our pizzas.   She disappeared to find out.

– On return, she explains the pizzas are made in a different part of the kitchen, and our order hadn’t made it through so they were just making them now.  She was very apologetic and offered us some more drinks…. on the house (another cost to the business).

– After finally receiving our meals, my son and I ate our mains while the ladies had dessert.   My son and I didn’t bother with dessert as we were so far behind and pretty over it by now anyway.   So the business lost our dessert sales too.

– On completion of our meal, I went to pay, only to find some of the dockets were missing for our table.  I then had to tell the cashier what we’d had. Just as well I’m honest.

– Unfortunately, we’d had similar experiences here before.   We haven’t been back since.

Does this sound like your restaurant or bistro?


In the above scenario, implementing a system like Kounta POS would solve pretty much all of the issues we experienced.

– Kounta allows orders to be taken directly at the table on an iPad or iPhone (or Android device) with those orders sent directly to docket printers in the appropriate areas – eg. main meals to the kitchen, pizzas to the pizzeria, drinks to the bar etc.

– The system can be configured to prompt staff to upsell – eg. when the customer orders a steak,  a prompt can be shown to upsize or add additional sides.

– Staff can place orders at one table and move on to the next immediately while drinks and meals are prepared.  There is no longer the needless to and froing between the dining room and the kitchen providing them with more time to actually wait on the tables.  They may even have time to offer that second or third round of drinks.

– And at the end of the meal, the table’s orders are already tallied up automatically so it’s just a matter of finalising the transaction – no lost dockets and no lost revenue. It’s easy to split bills too if required.


Experts@IT can help

As Kounta Specialist Partners, Experts@IT can help you design and implement a market leading Point of Sale system for your business.

Improve your customer service, boost your sales and get insights into your busines you never knew were possible.  You can even add a loyalty program.

Kounta POS is easy to setup, requires minimal training to operate and doesn’t cost the earth.

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